Galston Club
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Galston Club

This run will take us intrepid clubbie pilots and crew to The Galston Club for Brunch or just coffee 'n cakes, in Gallstone......oops typo here, read, Galston, near the wilds of Dural.

We start from the Caltex Servos' on the expressway to the Blue Mountains (south side of the M4 at Eastern Creek), it should only take about 2 hours driving time, barring the ubiquitous Sunday or Camry drivers up front.

This run was reconnoitred, what a nice word...sounds like a medical complaint donít it ???, in a Falcon ute which stuck to the speed limits along the way. 

There were no speed cameras...and as usual, the driver should be aware at all times as there will be a couple of tricky corners after the crossing on the Ferry to deal with, see the accompanying run sheet for directions etc.

Food - Prices for mains are not there with RSL clubs, although Coffee and Cake should only cost about $10 each. Nice comfortable surroundings are to be had.

Route Card

Meeting Place: 

Caltex Servos' on the expressway to the Blue Mountains (south side of the M4 at Eastern Creek)

0.0 km Gentlemen, start your engines and turn left towards Penrith, take the 1st left exit approaching Penrith (Northern Rd exit).
16.0 km Move to the left and turn right onto the Northern Rd intersection. Drive 24 km to Windsor.

Turn left at the Jolly Frog at Windsor and drive over the Nepean River, watch the roundabout at the top of the hill after turning left.
  GROUP UP POINT on the left 500-600 metres after the Bridge.
46  km Turn Right into King road.  6 km from the Nepean River crossing.

74 km

Arrive at the Sackville Ferry...Donít be a chump and try the 'drive on water' thing, it's a bit deep mate.

83 km

9.8 k's after the Ferry, turn right onto Wisemans Ferry Road, towards Riverside Oaks golf course, drive for 11 km

94 km

Turn Left onto Halcrows Rd and drive 15 ks to Glenorie.. CCCaution...FFFalse teeth on road !!

109 km

Turn Right on Old Northern Rd and drive for 3 ks.

112 km

Turn Left on Mid Dural Rd and drive for about 2 k's. going straight ahead through the roundabout.

115 km

Past the Galston shops on the left then turn left on Nancy St. Galston Club is about 100 metres on the left hand side almost to Martin Rd, with a large parking area outside the club.

                 There is inside and outside dining available with a play area for those who must.



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