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Breakfast at Leura, Lunch in Tarana

Meeting Point:  Car park beyond the fuel pumps at the Star Service Station, Eastern Creek, on the F4 heading West.
Time: 8.00am  - Gathering of the Clubbies
8.30am  - Leave for all points West

Distances and times are only approximate and are for each section.

 Section 1:               Eastern Creek to Leura.

Distance – 93km
Time – approx. 90mins

km Route
0. Head West along the freeway
19.5 Take the MULGOA Rd exit from the freeway.
At the traffic lights turn left under the freeway towards Penrith.
21.5 Straight on at roundabout, passing Penrith Panthers on left-hand side.
23.0 At third set of traffic lights, cross the Great Western Highway. You are now on Castlereagh Rd.  Proceed under the railway bridge until you reach the second roundabout.
25.3 Left at roundabout and continue along Castlereagh Rd, passing the Regatta Centre on the right hand side, until you reach Agnes Banks.
41.7 Left into Springwood Rd.  Be careful crossing the temporary bridge at Yarramundi.
50.4 Crossing Shaws Creek and the start of the hill and bends up to the Hawkesbury Lookout.  Enjoy the climb.
53.5 Hawkesbury Lookout and regroup.  For those that haven’t seen it before, the view is worth getting out for.
Continue through Winmalee towards Springwood.
63 Right at roundabout, following signs to Katoomba.
63.1 Turn right onto the Great Western Highway.
92 Turn left at traffic lights into Leura.  Cross the rail bridge, straight over at the roundabout and down Main Street.  At the bottom of Main Street, carry on over the second roundabout and park on either side of the road.

 Note! Parking on LHS is “front to kerb” and parking on RHS is “rear to kerb”.

There is a car park behind Main Street but it is rather small and busy.

Its suggested that we have a 55 minute break here for coffee, toilets etc, leaving 5 mins for the ladies to shop.

There are numerous cafes with good coffee and food if required.  Walking back up from the parked cars, on the right hand side there is Loaves and Dishes on the corner, then Landseers, Gracies on the Mall etc.  On the opposite side there is Leura Gourmet and the best wine cellar in the area.

Toilets are at the end of the Mall next to Gracies.

Section 2:                Leura to lunch stop at Tarana

Distance – 107km
Time – approx. 100mins

km Route
0 Return up Main Street, Leura, and turn left back onto the Great Western Highway.
20 Mount Victoria.
26 Little Hartley.  LHS notice the aircraft on the roof.
30 Speed camera warning sign.
31.3 Turn left into road signposted to Jenolan Caves and Oberon.  Good Clubbie roads.  Unfortunately the road to Jenolan Caves is only open at certain times and is a one-way system at present due to road repairs.
40 Notice twin wind turbines in the distance on the RHS.
49.5 Same wind turbines up close.
51.2 Hampton.
55.5 Take right turn and continue to Oberon.
82 Drive through Oberon and turn right at the Shell service station.  The road is signed to Tarana.  The Oberon museum is on the left and the large process plant on the right is that of Boral Pine Products.
91.5 Steep down hill section with tight bends.
102 Tee junction.  Turn right to Tarana.
106.8 Tee junction.  Turn right.
107 Tarana Hotel on left-hand side for lunch. (Organiser should provide menu, if possible)

 The hotel is quite small but has an open garden area with tables and benches, also an undercover eating area and an internal dinning room.

If anyone is interested in lunch, it would be best if we could phone through from Leura with a rough idea of numbers.

 Section 3:                Tarana return via different routes.

Distance – depending on route taken.
Time – approx. 120mins to Star service station

km Route
0 Leaving the Hotel follow signs to Lithgow
0.3 At crossroads, carry straight over.
20 Lake Lyell on LHS
26 Tee intersection with GWH

 From this point the return journey is one of choice.

Turning right, the journey is by travelling the GWH via Hartley, Mt. Victoria, Blackheath, Katoomba, Glenbrook etc.
Approx. distance to Star Service station 110km and an approx. time of 100mins

Turning left, travel 3kms and turn right at traffic lights into Lithgow.  Follow signs to Windsor and Richmond.  This route is down Bells Line of Road via Bell, Mt.Tomah, kurrajong Heights, (watch for fixed speed camera) and Richmond.
Approx distance 100km and a time of approx. 90mins

An alternative would be to follow the above option but turn right at Bell across to Mt Victoria and then return via GWH.  Bell to Mt Victoria 10kms and 15mins.

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