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Morning tea at Little Hartley, Lunch in Tarana

Meeting Point:  Clarendon Information Centre. (Opposite Richmond Air Force Base.)
Run on 5th Aug 2012 will start from McDonalds, Mile End Road, Rouse Hill, where Oz Clubbies meet
 - Not Clarendon Info Centre
Time: 8.00am  - Gathering of the Clubbies
8:30am  - Leave for all points West

Distances and times are only approximate and are for each section.

 Section 1:               Clarendon to Hartley.

Distance – 79km
Time – approx. 90mins

km Route
0 Turn left and proceed to Richmond
2.6 Turn left at second set of lights, into East Market St .

Turn Right at lights into March St, and head west.
Cross Hawkesbury River .  At Nth Richmond wave to John Roberts family and Ross and Sandra’s granddaughters.

16.0      Up the hill - Clubbie heaven!
18.3 Watch out for the fixed RCD (Revenue Collecting Device) on right.
42.6 Continue past Mt Tomah Botanical Gardens. Stop around the right hand bend

Gathering point. On left.
Proceed to Bell , enjoy the FRESH air! Careful of mobile radar before Bell

63.1 Bell Gathering point.  Absolutely nothing here, Turn left and proceed to Mt. Victoria .

Mt. Victoria- Not much more here either. A few beautiful old buildings.
Turn Right at Western Highway .

78.7 Farmhouse Kitchen Café on the left. Morning Tea / Coffee etc.

Section 2:                Hartley to Tarana

Distance – 78km
Time – approx. 90mins

km Route
0      (78.7) Turn left towards Lithgow.
4.6    (83.3) Another RCD. Be careful!
5.0    (83.7) Turn left into road signposted to Jenolan Caves and Oberon.
Good Clubbie roads from here on.

Notice wind turbines in the distance on the right hand side
18.0    (96.7) Roadworks. Some small loose pebbles.
24.5   (103.2) Hampton . Continue straight through
28.4   (107.1) Turn right and continue to Oberon  Some small patches of repaired section just inside the turnoff.
33.0   (111.7) There are some slightly rough patches on this section due to small sections being repaired.
53.8   (132.5) Oberon. Continue through Oberon and TURN Right at Shell Service Station. The road is signed to Tarana
61.0   (139.7) Steep downhill section with tight bends.
73.5   (152.2) Tee Junction, Turn Right.
77.7   (156.4) Tee Junction, Turn Right.
77.9   (156.6) Tarana hotel on LH side for lunch.

The hotel is quite small but has an open garden area with tables and benches, also an undercover dinning room.

If anyone is interested in lunch, it would be best if we could phone through from Little Hartley with a rough idea of numbers.

 Section 3:                Tarana return via different routes.

Distance – depending on route taken.
Time – approx. 120mins to Star service station

km Route
0 Leaving the Hotel follow signs to Lithgow
0.3 At crossroads, carry straight over.
20 Lake Lyell on LHS
26 Tee intersection with GWH

From this point the return journey is one of choice.

Turning right, the journey is by travelling the GWH via Hartley, Mt. Victoria, Blackheath, Katoomba, Glenbrook etc.

Turning left, travel 3km and turn right at traffic lights into Lithgow.  Follow signs to Windsor and Richmond.  This route is down Bells Line of Road via Bell, Mt.Tomah, Kurrajong Heights, (watch for fixed speed camera) and Richmond.

An alternative would be to follow the above option but turn right at Bell across to Mt Victoria and then return via GWH.  Bell to Mt Victoria 10km and 15mins.

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