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Lunch at Yarramalong Manor

Route via Terrigal

Day out on the Central Coast along some excellent winding roads, with morning tea at Broken Head, Terrigal, lunch at Yarramalong Manor and home via Wiseman's Ferry.

Timetable: 9:00am Meet: Berowra in the fork between the Old Pacific Hwy and the F3 on-ramp, where the toll gates used to be
9:30am Depart for Terrigal
1:00pm Lunch at Yarramalong Manor

Stage 1:  9:30am - Drive up the Old Pacific Hwy to Gosford, down to Woy Woy, through Kincumber to the Terrigal Boat ramp, Broken Head (The Skillion) for morning T/P/Coffee/whatever.

Stage 2:  12:00pm - Drive North via Tumbi Umbi, Berkley Vale and Tuggerah to the Yarramalong Manor, Yarramalong, for Lunch at 1:00pm.

Stage 3:  Drive home via one of 3 routes according to preference:

  1. Via Wiseman’s Ferry: Up Bumble Hill, through Mangrove Mountain, on to Wiseman’s Ferry (stop for coffee/T/P/ice cream/ whatever) and home via Dural.
  2. Via Old Pacific Hwy: Up Bumble Hill, through Central Mangrove, Peats Ridge to Calga then onto the Old Pacific Hwy (retracing first part of Stage 1).
  3. Via F3 Freeway: As for Old Pacific Hwy but at Calga, keep straight on for the Freeway.

Lunch at Yarramalong Manor: The Manor is a pleasant, fairly modern, country pub with a reputation for fine food.  It is often difficult to get a table at weekends so book well ahead.

 Route Card

 Stage 1:  Berowra to Terrigal Boat Ramp.   Run time approx 1.5 Hrs

km Directions
Proceed north along Old Pacific Hwy to Gosford
28.7 At CALGA, right then 300m right again to Gosford – stay on Old Pacific Hwy
39.5 Right at roundabout to Gosford – stay on Old Pacific Hwy
40.5 Left at t-junction for Gosford – stay on Old Pacific Hwy
41.8 Right at 2nd set of lights to Woy Woy (Woy Woy Rd)
53.5 Straight across railway crossing in Woy Woy
54.7 Straight on at next roundabout for Kincumber
Right onto Allfields Rd (T-junction)
56.6 Left at roundabout to Kincumber and across the Rip Bridge
68 Straight on at roundabout for Terrigal – follow Empire Bay Dr
68.6 Right at roundabout for Terrigal
70.6 Straight on at roundabout to Terrigal on Scenic Hwy
73.4 Straight on at roundabout to Terrigal on Scenic Hwy
75.8 Hard right to Terrigal Boat Ramp & Broken Head park.  The park is in front and below you as you round a left hand bend going down into Terrigal, soon after you first glimpse the sea.
We stop here for T & P.

 Stage 2: Terrigal to Yarramalong.   Run time approx 1 hr.  Start time 12:00pm

km Directions
0 RESET TRIP COUNTER on exit from park.  Right onto Scenic Drive to Terrigal
Follow one way round Terrigal shopping center (left, right, right, left) – stay on Scenic Drive
1.3 Right at roundabout to The Entrance (Ocean View Drive)
3.8 Right at roundabout to the Entrance (The Entrance Rd)
5.5 Left at roundabout to Tumbi Umbi
11.9 Left at roundabout to Wyong (Wyong Rd)
Straight on at all roundabouts (about 9 or 10 and one set of lights at Berkley Rd) heading for Freeway
21.1 Don’t go onto Freeway. Stay in right hand lane for Yarramalong (Cobbs Rd)
Watch for bridges from here to Yarramalong.  One is a sump-buster.
24.9 Right at T-junction for Yarramalong (Yarramalong Rd – I don’t think road name is marked)
40.6 Right into Yarramalong Manor car park, 50m past Linga Longa Rd on right on slight rise in middle of Yarramalong.

 Stage 3: Yarramalong to home.

Several options for getting home, all start the same way, up Bumble Hill.

bullet Via Wiseman's Ferry   - approx 2 hrs to Thompson’s Corner (excluding stop at Wiseman's Ferry) (nice fast corners and few restrictions to Wiseman's Ferry)
bullet Via Old Pacific Hwy     - approx 1 hr to Berowra (lovely windy road but watch speed restrictions, especially on a Sunday afternoon)
bullet Via Freeway                - approx 45 mins to Hornsby (quickest)
40.6 Right into Yarramalong Manor car park, 50m past Linga Longa Rd on right on slight rise in middle of Yarramalong.
0 RESET TRIP COUNTER on exit from car park
Right onto Yarramalong Rd
0.05 Left almost immediately up hill signposted to Kulnura (nice hill climb for next 4 km.  Good for the digestion!!)
5.4 Straight on at Bumble Hill Studio (or stop and browse – beautiful glassware, pottery and paintings)
7.9 Left at T-junction into George Downes Drive

Now it depends upon which way you want to take back to Sydney.

 For Wiseman's Ferry:

11.3 Right into Bloodtree Road past Gliding Club
14.9 Right at T-Junction signposted to Wiseman's Ferry and follow your nose. (approx 50km to Wiseman's Ferry)
Across the Ferry, head for Dural and home

 For Freeway or Old Pacific Hwy:

11.3 Straight on at Bloodtree Road through Central Mangrove
16.3 Right onto Pacific Hwy at Peats Ridge
30.1 Right to Sydney at Calga
30.2 For Freeway:  keep right
For Old Pacific Hwy to Berowra:  turn left

Put together by Hugh Buckle, CDCofA Inc,  July 2000

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